I have been to several cities in China, and now it's time to go to rural China. So, what's rural China going to be like? People told me I might not have a good time in the Chinese countryside as people might be rude, won't speak any English and it might even be dangerous there for foreigners. I also heard a lot of negative things about Rural China from western media so I want to see it with my own eyes and find out the truth about rural China. Join us!

我已經(jīng)去過(guò)中國的幾個(gè)城市,現在是時(shí)候去中國的農村地區了。那么,中國的農村會(huì )是什么樣子呢?有人告訴我,在中國的鄉村可能不會(huì )過(guò)得很愉快,因為那里的人可能會(huì )很粗魯,不會(huì )說(shuō)英語(yǔ),甚至對外國人來(lái)說(shuō)可能是危險的。我也從西方媒體那里聽(tīng)到了很多關(guān)于中國農村的負面消息,所以我想親眼看看,了解真實(shí)的中國農村是什么樣子。加入我們!